2019 Medicare Open Enrollment Period

By Jay Dorso, Quality Senior Benefits

Are you familiar with the Medicare Open Enrollment Period? Did you
know not all Medicare plans cover every county in the State of CT? Did you know not every carrier covers every Hospital? Do you know which companies offer free diabetic supplies? Do you know which carrier offers hearing aid
discounts? Do you know which company offers free gym memberships?

Does this concern you? If so keep reading below. Each year from Oct 15 to Dec 7 is the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. Healthcare companies that sell Medicare healthcare plans make changes each and every calendar year. Changes include premiums, co pays, co-insurance, drug formularies, hospital directories, dental plans, doctor directories, prescription prices, deductibles and a lot more.

If you’re currently on Medicare this is your time of year to review and compare your current coverage to any new plan, new policies from carriers that are available in the next calendar year. This is the most important time of the year for people on Medicare so don’t let it pass you by.

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