A Message from the Plymouth Inlands Wetlands Conservation Commission

Spring and summer are upon us and many of us will be
planing outdoor projects. Some of these projects may be
the installation of a pool, the building of a shed, an addition
to your home, or a new patio or fence.
Please be aware there may be poorly drained soils or
wetlands, watercourses such as rivers, streams, brooks,
waterways, lakes, ponds, marshes, swamps or bogs on or
abutting your property.
With that in mind, you may need to obtain an Inlands
Wetlands permit before any work begins.
If you are unsure about the presence of any of the above
wetlands or watercourses on your property, please stop in
at the Land Use Office at the Town Hall for clarification or
call 860-585-4043 during regular business hours.
Inland Wetlands Commission