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Hamzy, Scott Families Thankful for Love, Gratitude Received


On behalf of the Hamzy and
Scott families, I want to thank

everyone for the love and sup-
port we received over the past

few weeks.

It is why I love this commu-
nity so much. I cannot say thank

you enough to the mayor, town
officials, police department, fire
department, ambulance corps,

all of the volunteers at the fair-
grounds, and everyone else who

volunteered their time for the
help with Alex’s calling hours.

Thank you to all the business-
es that closed that day for his ser-
vices. A special thank you to Fa-
ther Crowley for all of his work

and donation of the Lyceum, and
Reverend Zac for his wonderful
eulogy and comforting words.
To all of you who stood by the
road to express your love when
we brought Alex to Terryville
and when we left for Rentschler
Field, our hearts go out to you.
And for all those with blue
lights in town, thank you for your
support. It means more than you

Jeff Scott



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