Imagine Nation Awarded Grant

Imagine Nation Awarded Grant for “Imagine Nation: Early Years Careers”

Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $2,500 grant from the Douglas and Noreen Schumann Special Interest Fund and the Bristol Brass General Grant Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation.

The grant will allow Imagine Nation to implement “Imagine Nation: Early Years Careers,” an innovative program designed to provide young children with age-appropriate experiences to connect them with a variety of occupations within their community. Our mission is to inspire young children and families to investigate tangible, interactive learning experiences. By connecting children to their communities in this way, we hope to broaden their lens of creative thinking and spark imagination for their futures.

From a very young age, children envision themselves in possible roles for their future selves. Children are aware that adults work, and this program will provide opportunities for children to learn about and identify with workers
in their community. We will collaborate with the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU), other partners, and professionals as featured guests to share their expertise and provide hands on learning experiences for children in our Early Learning School and for the public in our Museum Studios. Children will learn at an early age how important community workers are, while at the same time developing their own interests.

Learn more about Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center by visiting Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center is a unique division of the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center.