Mayor Merchant Updates Residents on Spring Projects, Finance, Buildings, Business & More

As we head into spring we are facing the results of a
long winter with our roads. So many of our roads are in
very poor condition. This problem is not unique to Plymouth.
As you drive through other communities you will
see the problem everywhere. Our Public Works Department
will continue to do everything it can to keep up with
the pot-hole patching. At some point we will need to do
more, but that will cost us. We are working on putting
together a 5-year plan that will enable us to repair and resurface
a few miles every year. I am hopeful that over the
next few months that plan will be complete, and we will
be able to move it forward. Just so we all know, once the
plan is complete we will need to go through the process
and eventually have a town wide referendum as to whether
we want to approve the expenditure to repair our roads or
continue to patch as we are now. I will keep you posted.
We continue to wait for the State of Connecticut to
complete their budget to see if it has any impact on Plymouth.

The good news is we have our budget for the upcoming
year complete. The modest increase was mainly due
to mandated increases that we had to comply with. Last
year we had no increase to our mill rate and this upcoming
year will be an increase of .95 mill. We, as a community
have done a great job in controlling our expenses and our
projections for this year will be another year that we finish
in the black and will be able to increase our fund balance.
The sale of Main Street School to EdAdvance has been
approved and the final closing will take place in the next
week or so. Please join me in welcoming EdAdvance to
our community. They will be great addition to Plymouth
and they will bring with them new opportunities for not
only Plymouth but also our neighboring communities.
The sign for the John L Ososki field has been removed
and we are refurbishing it and will move it to the actual
field area behind Main St School and will rededicate the
field with a ceremony involving Mr. Ososki’s family.

We have just put in place a Police Station Building
Committee, to investigate the cost of a new facility for our
Police Department. At present the department is located downstairs in our Town Hall. The area is very small and out
dated. When this Town Hall was built back in the 70’s our
police force was much smaller. Since then it has probably
doubled, but also as time went on the laws and regulations
that we now live under have changed dramatically and because
of our space constraints we aren’t able to keep up. I
will keep you all posted as to the progress of the committee.
Our Finance Department continues with training in
preparation for our July switch over to our new software.
This is a long overdue change that will take place in July
and will not only bring us up to date but will complete the
rebuilding of this department. Great job by our Finance
Director Ann Marie and her team.

Every time I drive by Post 20 and see so many veterans coming
together to rebuild the post after the accident that caused so
much damage to it last winter. Post Commander Keith Golnik
and his team are working tirelessly to put this very old building
back together and make it not only bigger but so much better.
Great Job everyone, this community is with you.
Congratulations to our Housing Authority who recently
received a $278 thousand dollar grant from the Department
of Housing to fund all the Architectural and Engineering
costs for major upgrades to Gosinski Park. Once
again Vinny Klimas and his team did a great job.
Mark your calendar on Monday May 27th, which is
Memorial Day. I hope to see all of you that morning as
our Memorial Day committee once again puts together another
great parade and ceremony on our green. Marty
Sandshaw and his team work so hard each year to make this
event such a success. Everyone loves a parade, so bring the
family and come out and support this great annual event.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the
warm weather.

Stay Safe
Mayor Dave Merchant