Memorial Ceremony on Plymouth Green

Sunday, May 26, 11:30 A.M.

There will be a Memorial ceremony on the green at the
First Congregational Church of Plymouth on Sunday, May
26th. There will be a joint outside worship service including
the First Baptist Church of Plymouth, The Terryville
Congregational Church and the first Congregational of
Plymouth at 10:00 AM.

We will allow some time for people to arrive after the
service is completed. Participants in the ceremony are
asked to arrive no earlier than 11:00 AM and preferably at
11:15. The ceremony will begin promptly at 11:30.

The ceremony will include a cannon fire, placing of a
wreath on the monument, recitation of the Gettysburg address
by adults previously reciting as 5th or 6th graders,
brief remarks, a volley, reading a list of deceased veterans,
a gun salute and the playing of taps. All are welcome to
attend as we keep this long tradition in place.

Larry Minor