Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps Initiates New Award

Bonnie Doughty-Jenkins, president of the Plymouth
Volunteer Ambulance Corps Board of Directors has announced a new award to recognize those who go “above
and beyond”.
The new award is called the Truman Gustafson PVAC
Proud Award. It was named in honor of one of the founders of PVAC. This award can be presented to a PVAC
member, Explorer, Board member, crew, citizen or business.
The first recipient was Assistant Chief Norm Whitehurst.
According to Chief Brandon Johndro, “He welcomes the
new trainees and gets them set up and ready to ride. He
handles all day to day issues when I am not available.”
“Norm goes above and beyond to make sure that PVAC
is where it needs to be,” according to membership treasurer Brian Collins.
Hilltop Restaurant on Main Street in Terryville was July’s
recipient of the award. According to Doughty-Jenkins,
“They are so supportive of our membership. They really
have been so kind to us especially during the COVID
According to Bailey McCann, “They are happy to see us
and are so generous with their donations. They really do
take care of us.”
Doughty-Jenkins explains that anyone can nominate
someone for this award. “If there is a member, crew, etc.
that you feel has gone ‘above and beyond’ or a citizen or
business that has shown a spirit of assisting and helping
the community, please contact myself or any Board of
Directors member. I can be reached by writing to me in
care of PVAC 191 Main St, Terryville, CT”