Rep. Betts Sponsors Legislation to Implement Term Limits

In an effort to combat career politicians and other elected officials from not serving the interests of the people they’re elected to represent, State Representative Whit Betts (R-78) has recently introduced legislation that would implement term limits on all elected state and local officials.

The bill, HJ-12; would seek to amend the constitution in order to prevent any senator or state representative from serving no more than five terms in such office, unless such senator or representative is elected to a leadership position within the General Assembly.

“As part of my priorities for the 2019 session, I am proposing legislation that imposes term limits for all of our elected officials. This is a proposal that reflects the need for change in our political spectrum and it reflects the attitude of my constituents in Bristol and Plymouth,” Rep. Betts said.

There are currently 15 states that have implemented term limits for their senate and house members and 36 which have term limits for their governor.

The bill has been referred to the Government Administration and Elections Committee to determine its further action.