School Closings

I had the opportunity to speak with the Torrington Area Health Department this morning with our district’s nurse coordinator. In addition, we reviewed all of the information that has been provided by the Governor, State Department of Education and the State Department of Public Health.
We have decided that it’s in the best interest of our students, families and the community as a whole to close the Plymouth Public Schools for two weeks. Therefore, effective Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27, the Plymouth Public Schools will be closed. The closure includes all activities. This includes school clubs, athletics, extra-curricular activities, etc. We anticipate that the school district will reopen on Monday, March 30, unless new information changes that decision. Buildings will be closed to any visitors, including most staff, all parents, and all students during this shut down.
We are encouraging all students to bring home anything they need for the closure through school announcements at the middle school and high school and through teacher direction at the elementary school. If you have student medication at the school that you must-have during the closure, then please contact the school to arrange a pick-up time.
Our teachers have worked diligently to provide digital and/or print “skill retainment” opportunities for our students to engage with during the closure. Print materials will come home today. Additionally, the front page of our website will be updated to include additional resources for families and students.
During this time, we would like to make you aware that we will have brown bag lunches available for all Plymouth Public School students. We will be distributing brown bag lunch from 11 am – 1 pm, Monday thru Friday during shutdown, at Eli Terry Middle School, 21 North Main Street, Terryville. Please use the set of doors to the right of the main entrance by going up the ramp, which will take you directly into the cafeteria. Your lunch account will be brought up by student name and you will be charged accordingly (for example, free, reduced or paid meal). This will be a cold meal and vary daily but will consist of milk, fruit, and sandwich of the day (for example, the sandwich of the day could be ONE of the following: peanut or wow butter and jelly, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese). If you have any questions, you may call the Eli Terry Cafeteria at 860-314-2790, press 5.
I am sure that people will have many questions, especially if this pandemic requires school districts to close for additional days.
I ask that you send all of your specific questions about Covid-19 and the impact on our schools to
Moving forward, I will continue to review the impact of the pandemic with the health department and provide additional updates.
I want to thank everyone for their willingness to communicate with me during this challenging time. I also want to thank my entire staff for their hard work, adaptability, and empathy for our students during this difficult time.


Dr. Martin J. Semmel, Superintendent of Schools