The New Norm

One way. Store capacity. Face masks. Social
Distance. Hand sanitizer. Disinfectant spray.
Wipes. Curbside delivery. All terms that have become part of our vocabulary. THE NEW NORM.
Although all the above helps to keep us
healthy and safe, we have to admit, a simple stop at
grocery store can now be overwhelming and leave
us completely drained. Removing that mask
as we finally sit inside our car is the best feeling
We want all of you to know, MiVida Salon
understands your anxieties, concerns, worries, and
frustrations. We continue to do our absolute best to
not only make you look your best, but feel
your best.
MiVida Salon’s New Norm.
All stylists wear personal protective equipment and greet you outdoors for a quick temperature
check. Although we are wearing masks, we are smiling and truly happy that you are visiting us.
Following a brief explanation of our requests, you
receive a new mask and enter to wash and
sanitize your hands with gentle, yet effective, conditioning hand products. And now comes the
fun part!
We service you and make your visit as comfortable as possible, to get away from the
chaos “the new norm” has introduced into all of our
lives. We continue to keep the salon safe
with our disinfection procedures, and promise you
that removing the mask inside your car will
NOT be the best feeling when you leave us! The best
feeling will be how great you will feel; we
hope it lingers and brings some comfort to your
lives during this pandemic.
Here’s what some of our guests have said about their
recent experience:
“MiVida Salon provided the usual amazing
services, updating protocols to fit with COVID state
standards to make every customer feel safe every
minute of the visit. I was met at my car with a
COVID questionnaire and then had my temperature taken. Throughout the service, wearing
masks was enforced and frequent hand washing to
ensure the safety of everyone. I can say
with complete confidence that I felt safe and comfortable receiving the usual quality of MiVida
Salon in the new normal that is our world.”
~Liliana P., Waterbury
“The pandemic has been something that
has worried us all, especially going back to our normal
schedule. Walking into MiVida Salon, I immediately felt safe and knew that they were taking the
proper precautions. From temperature checks, to
washing hands and sanitizing & making sure
clients are wearing a mask has definitely made me
feel so much better while getting my hair
done. MiVida Salon is definitely a salon that upholds dignity and enforces the current guidelines
while still making you feel at home and come out
looking beautiful!”
~Jocelyn P., Waterbury

“While getting the works: dye and haircut at
MiVida Salon I felt extremely safe as the stylist
followed proper CDC protocol and eased my fears by
answering any questions. I felt very safe and comfortable!”
~Susan D., Thomaston, CT
“I wanted to share my experience with Michelle/Owner of MiVida Salon. Michelle is an amazing hairdresser and I love going to her. However, our
world changed in March, and every aspect of
our lives had to be re-evaluated. As our state began
opening up business, one big question on
my mind was how my hairdresser would handle
things. My mind was completely put to rest
when Michelle started communicating with all her
clients. Her clear concise communication
outlining the protocols that would be put in place
helped me feel comfortable going to her
business. She is true to her word, and right from the
start, it’s clear to see that she has put the
safety of herself, her staff, and us, her clients, above
any monetary gains. She has continued to
adhere to state guidelines. My husband, who has
maintained his own strict precautions in his
everyday life, commented to me that he had great respect for the way Michelle has operated her
business under these trying circumstances. I have to
agree. Not only do I love the way she does
my hair, but I also respect her business practices.”
~Barbara I., Terryville
THE talented & caring Stylists: Brionna, Jenna, and
Michelle, invite YOU to visit us and
experience for yourselves why MiVida Salon, continues to be a collaboration of arts, where we
strive to not only make you look your best, but
feel your best, before, during, and after THE NEW