By Jay Durso

What is covered at your Medicare Annual Physical and how much does it Cost? The Annual Physical is an essential
part of your Healthcare plan no matter if you have Medicare, Individual Healthcare or Group/Employer Insurance.
In regard to Medicare Advantage Plans you will receive your physical at no charge one time per year. In regard to Medigap plans you will receive one physical for your lifetime and the second year you will receive a wellness check at no cost. Please note this is not a full physical and if you would like that you will have an out-ofpocket
cost. Below is a list of what to expect at you Annual Physical:
-Blood Pressure
-Heart Rate
-Heart Exam
– Lung Exam
-Head + Neck Exam
-Neurological Exam
-Dermatological Exam
-Specific exams for Males
and Females
One of the most important reasons to do an Annual Physical is prevention and screening of future diseases and illnesses. Be sure to tell your Doctor you are only here to do what is covered by the physical because if you ask any questions outside of what a physical covers you may receive a bill. If you have any questions call Jay Dorso at 860 880 8800 Office, email Jdorso@qualityseniorbenefitsllc. com or go to



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