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GOP Fights Higher Utility Costs

GOP Fights Higher Utility Costs

By: Joe Hoxha

In my first piece as your state
representative in Hartford, I can

confidently say that my Repub-
lican colleagues and I in the leg-
islature have

come up with

a great propos-
al to give relief

to Eversource
c u s t o m e r s
BOTH in the
short and long
Political season has come and
gone. Now it is time for all of us
at the Capitol to put our heads
together and figure out a way to

make energy costs more afford-

I am proud that we have taken
the initiative to stand up and fight
for the people of Connecticut. Our

proposal starts off by saving fam-
ilies on average $210 a year in the

short term through the elimination
of certain fees in your bill.
Although in the short term,
these savings may not seem like

a lot given the drastic rate increas-
es that have hit us already, the bill

calls for many things that long
term will significantly decrease

the cost of energy for Connecti-
cut families. One such thing we

are proposing is exploring differ-
ent sources of energy, like hydro-
electric. The biggest obstacle now

however, is that there is a lot of
resistance to creating a pipeline
for natural gas from Pennsylania,
where there is an abundance of
natural gas, to Connecticut where
there is short supply.

Many cite environmental rea-
sons for opposing this pipeline.

Most people don’t know this,
but Eversource uses natural gas
to generate electricity. The more
natural gas costs, the higher our

rates get. One way or the oth-
er, all roads lead to natural gas

and whether we need to consider
bringing in more.
Don’t forget that whether this
bill passes or not, there are steps

you can take right now. The big-
gest is something most people

aren’t aware of — you can shop
suppliers of electricity to find a

cheaper option than buying di-
rectly from Eversource. Your bill

will still come from Eversource,
but you can find suppliers that can
be a lot less expensive.
I am very optimistic this is one
of those issues that will get both
sides of the isle to cooperate and
work on solving this problem for
everyone. Things will get better
and we are working very hard to
make that happen. I am here for

the people of Plymouth and Bris-
tol, and I welcome you to contact

my office at the Capitol with any
issues, questions or concerns.



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