I Love You

I Love You

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was very sad. Why
was she sad you may ask? She was sad because she felt she was not
loved. She had two good parents who provided her with a good home,

food, and any other needs she required. Still she had that strong feel-
ing. When this girl grew up and finished her schooling she got a job

and saved her money. When she was able she purchased a small house
on a large lot in the outskirts of the town. There she lived alone with
her only friends being the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that visited
her feeders each day. Then one day while she was sitting in her yard
she looked up and saw a skinny little kitty coming across her yard.
Since the kitty was so thin she probably saw the birds and thought
one might provide a good meal. Not wanting this to happen, the lady
went into the house to see what she could find to feed the kitty. Since
she did not have any cat food, all she found was a can of tuna fish.
She opened it, placed some on a paper plate and approached the kitty.

Smelling the tuna and being hungry the kitty did not run away. In-
stead, she came closer to the lady and when the plate was placed in

front of her, she quickly gobbled up the tuna. After that she washed
her face with her paw and then just curled up in the grass and had a
All was well until late afternoon when the sun started to go down.
The kitty made no sign of leaving and if she remained outside she
would have been in danger from wild animals. Because of this the
lady returned to the house, placed more tuna on another plate and
brought it out to kitty. Smelling the tuna and remembering how good
it tasted, the kitty followed the lady into the house. The door was
closed and the kitty would be safe for the night.
Next, the lady found two boxes. She cut openings in each and in
one of them she placed shredded paper. The kitty could use that box
for a litter box if needed. With the other box she placed a soft towel
in it as a bed for kitty. She placed a bowl of water near the boxes so
kitty could have a drink if she was thirsty. Then the lady got ready for
herself to go to bed.

The next morning when the lady got up she saw the kitty still sleep-
ing. Kitty woke up, stretched, had a drink of water and then went to

her empty plate where there had been tuna. The lady then placed on
the plate what little remained of the tuna. While kitty was eating the
lady realized this kitty wanted to stay. Therefore, she needed to give
kitty a name. Missey is the name that came to the lady’s mind and so
that is what she was called.
After eating her own breakfast the lady decided to go shopping.
Missey was happily sleeping back in her box bed. The lady had lots to
buy – a litter pan, litter, cat food, a kitty bed and even a catnip mouse
toy. It was evident Missey found a home.
Months went by and Missey and the lady became good friends.
The lady would often pat Missey and tell her how much she loved her.
The kitty loved the lady very much and wanted the lady to know this.
However, every time Missey tried to tell the lady all that came out of
her little mouth was “meow”. Then Missey had an idea.
There was to be a full moon the following night. When the lady
went to sleep the moon shone brightly into her room. Missey walked
quietly into the lady’s room and jumped up onto the bed. She snuggled
up to the lady’s face and with her wet little tongue, kissed the lady
on the cheek. With this the lady woke up and, in the moonlight, saw
Missey, and smiled. She patted Missey and realized this was her way
of saying thank you and I love you. It was then the lady realized she
was finally truly loved.

From the writings of Plymouth
resident Arlene Grindle



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