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It’s OK to Say ‘Merry Christmas’

It’s OK to Say ‘Merry Christmas’


By Joe Hoxha
The holidays are among us, in
fact, they always are, there is a

holiday that is celebrated virtual-
ly every month of the year, some,

more known
than others,
some big,
some small,

largely cele-
brated others

by fewer.
No matter
the holiday,
there is no expectation when
said holiday comes around that
we refer to that holiday’s name
by anything other than its name.
We do not say “Happy Holidays”

when telling someone “Hap-
py Eid.” We do not say “Happy

Holidays” when telling some-
one “Happy Rosh Hashanah”

or “Happy Hanukkah.” So why

then should anyone be discour-
aged from using the term “Mer-
ry Christmas” when trying to tell

someone “Merry Christmas”!
We all know that Christmas
is in fact one of the most popular
holidays in the United States by
many measures. A large reason

for that is because it is also cel-
ebrated in a secular way. Christ-
mas, the approximate date of the

birth of Jesus is actually celebrat-
ed by millions of non-Christians

around the United States and
around the world.
That is one of the reasons why
it is in fact a national and federal

holiday. It is one of the few hol-
idays that can be celebrated by

all. That is because the spirit of

Christmas is such that its mes-
sage and value can be recognized

by virtually everyone.

The spirit of giving, of giv-
ing to those less fortunate than

us and not expecting anything in

return. To cherish the non-mate-
rial things, like our family and

friends, and the love we have for
them. These are concepts that are
virtually impossible to not get
around no matter your cultural or
religious background.
So for anyone and everyone
out there please do not give in
and say “Happy Holidays” when

you want to say “Merry Christ-

By saying “Merry Christmas”

you do not negate the joy or cher-
ishing of anyone else’s holiday.

So with that said, Merry
Christmas everyone, and happy
whatever else you may celebrate!
Joe Hoxha of Bristol will be
sworn in on Jan. 3, 2023 as state
representative for the 78th House

District. He works in the finan-
cial industry.



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