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Terryville Fire Dept. Adopt-a-Hydrant Program

The Terryville Fire Depart-
ment is asking residents of the

Town of Plymouth to become a

participant in our Adopt-A-Hy-
drant Program. By adopting a

fire hydrant close to your home
or business and keeping it free of
snow during the winter months
you are helping to maintain a
safer community. In the event of
a fire, it is imperative that the fire

department gain access to a wa-
ter supply via a hydrant as quick-
ly as possible so that fire can be

extinguished and to prevent loss
of property and/or life. You can

help the Terryville Fire Depart-
ment in this quest by adopting a

fire hydrant and making sure that
it is easily accessible during the
winter months.
If a fire hydrant is buried by

snow, it is difficult to find and

valuable time must be spent dig-
ging it out. It may take 4 to 6 or

more minutes to dig out a fire
hydrant buried by snow. These
extra minutes could truly make
a difference between life and

We are asking that you shov-
el the area around your adopted

fire hydrant after each snowfall.
Clear a path approximately three
feet around the hydrant as well
as a clear path from the street or
roadway so that the hydrant is
visible and accessible.
Please consider clearing snow
from a fire hydrant for your

neighbors who may have med-
ical conditions, disabilities, or

those who are elderly who may
be unable to do so themselves.

Terryville Fire Dept. Adopt-a-Hydrant Program
This act of kindness will benefit
the entire neighborhood.
Your participation in the
Adopt-A-Hydrant Program saves

time in the fire department inci-
dent response. Remember time

is valuable. If you notice that a
fire hydrant has been damaged,
missing caps, leaking, or if it is

blocked please notify the Ter-
ryville Fire Department by call-
ing the Plymouth Fire Marshal’s

office at 860-585-4012.
Thank you in advance for
your anticipated participation in

this Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant Pro-

Have a safe winter season.

__ Capt. Tony Orsini, Ter-
ryville Fire Department Health

and Safety Officer



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