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ADA Renovations Progressing at Gosinski Park

Top left photo show a residient apartment during the Bump Out Renovations and below the below on the left the final ADA Bump

Out unit. Photos on the right show the Community Room new foundation and below it is the finished Community Room. (Plymouth

Housing Authority photos)

Attending the celebration were: (far left) Mayor Joe Kilduff, (second on left) Suzzane Piacentini,

HUD Field Office Director, (middle in orange shirt) Rich Pugnacki, a resident for 10 years, Vinnie

Klimas, chairman of the Housing Authority (as Santa) and (far right) Seila Mosquera-Bruno,

Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Housing. (Plymouth Housing Authority photo)


The Housing Authority of the
Town of Plymouth (Gosinski
Park) held their annual Christmas
Party and their Ground Breaking

Celebration Dec. 15. Approx-
imately 45 residents attended

along with another 25 project
participants. The event included

a mini-tour of renovated Amer-
ican Disabilities Act Bump Out

Renovations and related units.

With major financial assis-
tance from the state, the Housing

Authority is presently renovating
the 1956/1968-built senior and
disability housing facility with
a $5.3 million project. These
housing ADA renovation funds

are from the Connecticut Depart-
ment of Housing, Connecticut

Housing Finance Authority, U.S.

Housing and Urban Develop-
ment, and the Town of Plymouth.

Vinnie Klimas, chairman in-
troduced the following dignitar-

* Motorized wheelchair res-
ident user, Rich Bugnacki, who

will move into Unit #1.
* Plymouth Mayor Joe
Connecticut Department of
Housing Commissioner Seila
Mosquera-Bruno, and Project
Manager Lilia Kieltyka.
* Suzanne Piacentini, U.S.

Department of Housing and Ur-
ban Development field office di-

* Connecticut Housing Fi-
nance Authority Project Manager

Kim Black.
* Other Housing Authority
members: Kathy Mackiewicz,

vice chairwoman, and treasur-
ADA Renovations Progressing at Gosinski Park

er, Mike Agey, resident elected

member, Joe Carey and Joe Lon-

The 50 attendees toured 10

apartments to review the numer-
ous ADA renovations: Wider

doorways, doubling the “turning
space” in the ADA Bump Out
Unit, accessible shower stalls,
accessible bathroom equipment,
reachable kitchen equipment,
doubling the “turning space”

for the “Community Room, and
much more. Renovations are
projected to be complete in 10
Bugnacki, a resident who will
move into the first ADA Bump

Out unit, said the renovations are
“life changing.” Klimas stated it
was an incredible “team effort”

with local, state, and federal of-
ficials cooperating and working

together “making the world a bet-
ter place to live.”

Mayor Joe Kilduff expressed
his appreciation to the “Housing

Authority’s seven years of dedi-
cation and hardwork.”

Commissioner Mos-
quera-Bruno said the Connecti-
cut Department of Housing and

Gov. Ned Lamont fully support
“removing architectural barriers

from Connecticut’s housing fa-

After the ground breaking
event celebration, Christmas gifts
were distributed to the residents.

The Christmas gifts were do-
nated by the Terryville Congre-
gational Church and the Housing

Authority. A fun celebration was
enjoyed by all.



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