Police Blotter

Plymouth Resident Charged

Huminski, Kayla, 31, of 14 Church St, Plymouth was arrest-
ed 8/06/2022 and charged with possession of control substance
2nd offns.

Failure to Appear

Carrara, Terrin Lynn, 32, of
113 Ferrero Drive, Bristol, was charged on 08/02/2022 with fail-
ure to appear, 2nd degree.

Criminal Mischief,

Aubin, Scott, 48, of 574 Main
Street, Bristol, was charged on

08/03/2022 with criminal mis-
chief in the 2nd degree and tam-
pering with a motor vehicle.

Larceny Arrest

Power, Christopher Joseph,

37, of 100 Cook Street, Plain-
ville, was charged on 08/02/2022

with larceny in the 6th degree.

Litchfield Man Held
on $5,000 Bond

Tatroe, Brian J, 37, of 5 Re-
vere ST, Litchfield was arrested

on 08/14/2022 for interfere with
offcr/resisting; breach of peace
2nd deg; assault 3rd deg and was
held on $5,000 bond.

Larceny Charge

Pinette, Robert M, 36, of 114
Arlington Street, Bristol, was

charged on 08/02/2022 with lar-
ceny in the 2nd degree.

Motor Vehicle Arrest

Duffin, Diallo Premiere, 26,

of 25 Sharon Road, Apt. 5, Water-
bury, was charged on 08/04/2022

with operating an unregistered
motor vehicle, reckless driving,
disobeying an officer’s signal,

operating a motor vehicle with-
out a license, and failure to in-
sure a private motor vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Arrest

Smith, Calrissian, 40, of 145
Shawn Drive, Apt. F, Bristol,
was charged on 08/04/2022 with
operating an unregistered motor
vehicle, improper use of marker/
license/registration., operating a

motor vehicle without a license
and failure to insure a private
motor vehicle.

Drug, Larceny

Teardo, Nicole, 26, of 206
Blakeslee Street, Bristol, was
charged on 08/04/2022 with use

of drug paraphernalia and larce-
ny in the 6th degree.


Santana Castillo, Rosmerls,
31, of 885 N. Main Street, Apt.
9, Waterbury, was charged on

07/27/2022 with evade resp-in-
jury/prop damage; following too

closely- Non CMV.

Use of Drug

Johnson, Christopher Eugene,
40, of 669 Waterville Street, Apt.
203-2, Waterbury was arrested
on 08/06/2022 and charged with

use of drug paraphernalia, larce-
ny in the 5th degree, interfering

with an officer/resisting.

Identity Theft

McGinnis, Mary Ellen, 46,
of 45 Litchfield RD, Watertown
was charged with larceny 6th
deg; identity theft – 2nd degree;
forgery 3rd degree.



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