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Prospect Street School Mess Unresolved

A little history lesson for those who don’t remember…
The previous administration entered into an agreement with Craig Bothroyd for sale of Prospect Street School in 2017…

In January of 2019, there was a public hearing where many residents and neighbors who attended expressed doubt to the viability of the project along with concerns of the developer.
This project encompassed 24 rental units in the school and 26 town house style units in the adjacent field.

After a legal delay in 2020 the agreed upon agreement in the courts to end the dispute the project owner agreed to complete the school before anything could be
built on the fields on the adjacent lot.
Fast forward to today….
October 2022. 14 years since closure of the school
Sale of said building is 2/ 5 years in the past however you wish to start counting.

There is NO visible EVIDENCE OF PROGRESS to said building!

Police have been there dispatched for open doors in rear of building, are there any other hidden safety problems we are not aware of.
The only progress evident is the deterioration of both brick
and mortar. The former administration was quoted to say the school is
a “blighted mess” where are we today
Adjacent property owners, and towns people like myself see no difference since August

What is the status of this project…has the current administration done anything to encourage or encourage the developer to
resolve a real resolution.

I understand this is now a private property development…but this is still a blighted mess being seen by those who drive by or live in the neighborhood.

I understand that the economy has not improved in this time period and won’t be possible in the very near future this did not seem to be an issue 5 years ago.

The neighbors and towns people deserve some final resolution to this problem project.
We continue to wait.
Connie Kapralos



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