$278,000 State Dept. of Housing Awards Pre-Development Grant/Loan to “Gosinski Park”

On behalf of the “Housing Authority of the Town of
Plymouth” Vinnie Klimas, Chairperson ecstatically announces
The Authority has recently received the signed
$278,000 Pre-Development Assistance Agreement from
Seila Mosquera-Bruno, Secretary of the Ct. Dept. of
Housing. The Housing Authority, commonly referred to as
“Gosinski Park,” has 60 units of low and moderate income
housing that was originally built in 1968 and is located
in Terryville, Ct. In general, the funds will be utilized
to finance pre-development costs incurred in connection
with the construction, rehabilitation, or renovation of
housing for low and moderate income housing for seniors
and persons with disabilities. More specifically, the State
grant/loan is for pre-development costs entailing professional
architectural, surveying, engineering, environmental
services, and related costs. The initial Application
was submitted in October 2018, then months of validation
documentation, with final legal documents signed on
Mr.Klimas stated that a substantial amount of the work
is now in process. The Chairperson stressed the enormous
amount of cooperation and collaboration between the local
and statewide Plymouth Housing Team members that has
made this architectural and engineering housing renovation
project become a reality!
The hard working Team is comprised of:
1. Local Team members:
• Housing Authority’s Board of Directors two years
of hard work: Vinnie Klimas, LNHA, Chairperson; Heidi
Caron, RN, Vice Chairperson; Cathy Mackiewicz, Treasurer;
Ted Kosikowski, Physical Plant Chairperson; and
Mike Agey, Resident Elected Member. Majority of the
• Steadfast and untiring support from: Dave Merchant,
Mayor; Town Council members: John Pajeski; Sue
Murawski; Dan Gentile; Roxanne McCann; and Tom Zagurski.
• Office and Technical Support: Janett Olivieri, Executive
Director-Property Manager and Harold Sturgeon,
Maintenance Supervisor.
• Town of Plymouth Officials: Planning and Zoning:
Margus Laan, Director of Planning; Scott Eisenlohr, Wetlands
Agent; and Pam Pellitier; and Planning and Zoning
Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals; Clarence
Atkinson, Building Official and ADA Coordinator. Also
Town Clerk Barbara Rockwell and Assistant Erica Cabiya.
And special appreciation to Trish Hale, Mayor’s Secretary.
2. State Wide Team Members:
• Housing Enterprises, Inc., state wide housing consultant
firm, Dave Berto, President and Lynne Skeet.
• Quisenberry, Arcari, Malik Architectural firm; Tom
Arcari and Kyle White.
• Mike Wrona, Esq., Housing Attorney Halloran and
Sage, LLC.
• Housing Collaborative and ConnNAHRO.
• Connecticut State Dept. of Housing. Secretary Seila
Mosquera-Bruno; Jody Trestman, Project Manager.
• Ct. Housing Finance Authority, Tom Bourque (retired)
and Cyndi Guest, Asset Managers.
This funding allows for public biding on the overall
American Disabilities Act renovations for person with
disabilities and interior unit upgrades. No new units are
planned to be built. Initial Bidding estimates range from
$2.5 million to $3.5 million dollars. The next step in the
overall renovation project is to apply for projected Ct.
Dept. of Housing: State Sponsored Housing Portfolio
(SSHP) and other funding streams by the end of the year to
pay for the overall renovations and American Disabilities
Act “Bump Out” upgrades.
Vinnie Klimas, Chairperson also stated The Housing Authority
is about 30% complete on their $222,500 State
Critical Needs Fire Detectionand Alarm and Resident systems.
Also they are about 90% complete on their $53,000
exterior and interior LED lighting Eversource upgrades.
Vinnie Klimas, Chairperson on behalf of the entire Board
of Directors proclaimed our deep appreciation for everyone’s
dedication, support, and hard work!
Respectfully submitted:
Vinnie Klimas, LNHA, Chairperson
43 Ronald Rd.- Gosinski Park Unit 31
Terryville, CT