Community News and Updates from Mayor Merchant

I would like to start this month by addressing our community garden. We initiated this garden about 4 years ago and it was well received. I can tell you that it was not well maintained over these past couple of years. I didn’t realize the condition had deteriorated to very poor at best, until this spring when I visited it. I made the decision a couple of months ago to shut it down and rebuild it in a slightly different location, one that would be much easier for our gardeners. We will also be bringing water to the new location which will also make it much easier for everyone. We are looking into making raised beds in the new garden and I would really like to hear from any of you that had garden plots in the past four years for your input or suggestions. It is also my intention to have the new garden completely fenced in to not only restrict access but also help with keeping the “critters” out. It is my hope that we will be able to re-open the new garden next spring. We will advertise it and hopefully contact all our former gardeners to visit and hopefully start a new crop in the spring.

EdAdvance continues the remodeling of the old Main Street School and they are on schedule to open the new school in the fall. The new name for the school will be “The Partnership Learning Academy”. Great upgrade for our community.

The site just beyond the former garden is at present a huge earth moving site where they are in the process of grading and leveling. Once the excavating is complete later this fall the site will be seeded. The long-term plan for that area will be to construct a state-of-the-art field that will be used primarily for soccer but also for other recreation activities. Phase one that we are now in is for leveling and seeding only. As the grass comes in the next phase will be initiated. I would like to thank the Lions Club for their generosity with their funding for this project. This will be a very exciting project to watch as it becomes a reality. Thank you to all the soccer club volunteers who as always give so much of their time and effort for our community.

Congratulations to Eli Benson for his graduation from the Connecticut Fire Academy, a program designed for our junior firefighters. Our fire department is always looking for new members and if you are interested please contact the Terryville Fire Department. Great job Eli!

We have in place several community volunteers that have recently met to start with the planning of Plymouth’s 225th year celebration that will take place next year. I would like to thank all the great volunteers for stepping up
to get this celebration started.

Once again, our great Terryville Fire Department volunteers responded together to show what a great community we have. Together they all had their hair cut or shaved to show support for Jordan Cote, daughter of Asst. Chief Greg Cote who is battling a life-threatening disease. What a greatshow of support. And Jordan, I want you to know that this entire community will stand together to support you and we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts.

I had a great opportunity this past week to have a guided tour of the Mattatuck Boy Scout Camp. Thanks to Joe LeClair for spending his time showing me around. I was so impressed by not only the size of the camp (500 acres) but also all the activities that take place there. They have 300 boy scouts there each week. The facility was not only impressive but also there were so many scouts and former
scouts that spend their summer being camp counselors. Being a boy scout is such a rewarding organization to be a part of. An organization that teaches and builds our leaders of tomorrow. Thank You Joe for your tour and thanks to all the volunteers that make the Boy Scouts so successful.

We continue to work on a five-year plan for the repair of our roads. It takes a little time to put a plan like this together. Both the condition of the roads and the condition of the drainage need to be considered. I will keep you posted and share it with you as soon as I can.

Once again, our Parks and Recreation did a great job with our summer camp program. Interim Director Briana Brumaghim oversees this camp and did her usual well-organized job. There are approximately 65 campers each week.

With the month of August here, so is the Terryville Lions Country Fair. Let’s hope for great weather and I hope to see you there.

Enjoy the summer, Stay Safe,
Mayor Dave Merchant